Chakra Broadcast Scalar Energy To Body

Scalar energy programs the seven (7) chakras of the body which in turn broadcast information in the form of scalar energy throughout the body. The human soul, mind, emotions, and body receives scalar energy information from the seven (7) chakras; hence, the soul, mind, emotions and body are programmed by scalar energy. Scalar energy is… Read More »

Animating Force Behind Chakra Balance

The seven (7) chakras of the human body are composed of scalar energy and my scalar energy instrument is capable of balancing and harmonizing these chakras. That is, scalar energy is the animating force of the chakras of the human body. Before and after photo’s of water revealing the effect of prayer upon its crystalline… Read More »

The Chakra Impart Scalar Energy

The seven (7) chakras are scalar energy processing points that process and broadcast scalar energy to the soul, mind, and body. Thus, the chakras serve to impart scalar energy instructions upon our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions. Conclusively, all prayers, thoughts, emotions and physical actions are scalar energy manifestations or expressions. The Russian scalar… Read More »

Scalar Energy is the Pulse of the Human Heart

The chakra are scalar energy processing points that broadcast scalar energy throughout your body. Human emotion is composed of scalar energy, hence, the seven (7) chakras play a significant role in our emotional state. Every emotion is a broadcast of scalar energy, hence, our chakra are constantly broadcasting emotions. In anticipation of St. Valentine’s Day… Read More »

The Scalar Chakra Balance is Divine

The seven (7) chakras of the human body are scalar energy processing points that provide instructions for our emotions. Thus, when the chakras are balanced our emotional state will likewise be balanced. By way of experience I have observed that the scalar energy chakra treatments will serve to improve the emotional balance of many people.… Read More »

Prayers, Thoughts and Emotions Transcend Time and Space

The chakras are scalar energy processing centers that are responsible for our spiritual, mental and emotional states. Consciousness is scalar energy. Thus, prayer, thought and emotions are manifestations of scalar energy. The scalar energy chakra balancing will serve to balance and harmonize our spiritual, mental and emotional states on account of the fact that scalar… Read More »